Monday, April 16, 2007

Photo gallery

Two girls on their six grade trip, 2006. They are visiting a lake.

The incredible team of teachers of Huilloc school
along with our valuable translator, Felix.

Felix, Rosario Fernandez, Wilbert Mora, Rene Gonzales, Teofilo Ccasa

The courtyard of Huilloc School. The school houses
pre-school through 6th grade.
The current first aid station. We rarely have any supplies
and need to rely on rare doctor visits. The village has
yet to receive a visiting dentist.

The students are lined up to receive their daily lunch
which is similar to an oatmeal mix. The children have
a tin mug which they use for their meals at school.

A holding tank for water was built for the pre-school.

The water needs to be boiled first before serving to the students.

The villagers make all their own clothes.
A girl and boy in the Kindergarten room.

Children line up to receive their piece of fruit.

Anne visiting the students in October of 2003.

A new 3 classroom building being built to accommodate the growing number of students, March 2007.

Felix Quispe (translator) with Anne Schimmel Beck, Mary Mattingly, Maureen Tart Lee, Analisa Macias

Team of 2003

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