Monday, April 16, 2007

Contact information

323 East Commerce Street
Milford, Michigan 48381

Anne Schimmel Beck, President

Tania Hoppe, Vice President
Para espanol, 248-624-2228

Renee Champagne, Vice President


Mary Schimmel, Secretary

Christine Egger, Consultant

Claas Hoppe, Technical Support
Peruvian contacts

Rosario Penalva Fernandez, Head teacher
Profesora de Huilloc
Urabamba, Cusco, Peru

Antonio Felix Neyra Quispe, Coordinator

Juan Carlos Leroma Villa, Dentist


Ralph said...

Congratulations on a wonderful project that shows how to make difference. Your blog was introduced to us and we may be able to help a little. We are PAMS and you may see who we are and do at:
Please let us start a dialogue,
and thank you for your loving efforts,

Dr. Ralph Kuon

Mary Schimmel said...

Four volunteers from Reach Out Children's Fund are traveling to Peru on Oct. 1 2007. They are going back to Huilloc and visiting 4 new villages: Chaullacocha, Chupani, Yanamayo and Kelcanca. They are asking for monetary donations, medicines, school supplies, etc. They have some supplies but any help is appreciated. See contact information within blogspot. Thank You, Mary Schimmel, Secretary, Reach Out Children's Fund