Monday, April 16, 2007

Our Purpose

Reaching out to the most vulnerable

Reach Out Children's Fund was founded to assist the children of Huilloc School #50627 and the surrounding schools in the Andes Mountain Range, Peru.

Huilloc School has approximately 250 students ranging in ages of 3 to 17 years old. The students are Quechua Indians, direct descendants of the Inca Indians. They speak Quechua while learning Spanish in school. The village is above the tree line, which makes it difficult to grow food and stay warm during the winter months. The drinking source is shared with the local animals from a mountain stream. The children rarely see a doctor and have yet been visited by a dentist.

We try to supplement their daily diet of potatoes and corn with fruit, canned milk and an oatmeal mix. The children are malnourished. They are always in need of funds for the winter months since food is scarce.

It is not uncommon to find children in the village with broken bones. Since they do not have access to health care we try to provide basic first aid and transportation to a medical clinic when needed. We are trying to install a first aid station which is urgently needed. The village is at a high altitude (approximately 12,000 feet) which frostbite and cataracts are found.

We are a small organization of dedicated volunteers. There are currently no salaries or high administration costs associated with our organization. We aim for all monies received to be given directly to the village of Huilloc for the on-going projects as well as future projects. Each dollar given has a direct effect on this unique community.

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