Thursday, January 3, 2008

January Update

January 3, 2008

Hello All-

With 2007 having come to an end, we wanted to thank each of you, again, for your support of Reach Out Children's Fund. With your assistance, here are some of the projects we have been able to support since our return from Peru this past October.

1. Begin a trout farm at Huilloc to supplement the children's diet.

2. Start a greenhouse/garden program at Huilloc to enrich the children's learning and supplement their diet.

3. Sponsor a Christmas Celebration at each of the 5 villages: Huilloc, Chaullococcha, Chupani, Yanamayo, and Quelcanca.

4. Continue the lunch program in each village.

5. Hire the dentist and nurse to return to all five villages in order to treat the children and their families before school lets out for summer break.

6. Research solar energy to use in the remote villages.

7. Continue to sponsor the sixth grade promotion trip at Huilloc, and new this year, Chupani and Chaullococcha.

8. Building improvements to classrooms in Huilloc and Chaullococcha.

9. Purchase needed clothing and shoes.

10. Assist the teachers in providing the necessary school supplies.

These efforts have all continued because of you! The children and their families are so grateful, as are we at ROCF.

We look forward to a promising year for the children of Reach Out Children's Fund. And, with your continued support, we can assist the villages of Huilloc, Chaullococcha, Chupani, Yanamayo, and Quelcanca in improving the quality of life for the children of their communities.

Happy New Year!

Best Wishes,

Anne Schimmel Beck

Renee Champagne

Tania Hoppe

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