Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Follow-Up Dental Visits

February 26, 2008

Hello ROCF Friends and Supporters,

We wanted to send you one more update with photos. The dentist, Juan Carlos Leroma Villa, we hired in October 2007 to treat the children of Huilloc, Chaulloccocha, Chupani, Yanamayo, and Kelkanka, did a follow-up visit in December. This was just before students were leaving for their summer break and a good time to give them a check-up and provide them with additional dental hygiene supplies. He sent us detailed reports of the condition of the childrens' dental health along with some nice pictures. We are now passing them along to you to enjoy! Please know, it is because of your commitment, that these children are receiving such services.

Best wishes!

Summer Lunch Program and Photos

Feb. 26, 2008

Hello ROCF Friends and Supporters-

I just wanted to give you a quick update and a chance to view some photos from the summer lunch program that is now in full swing. Our Ollantaytambo liason, Felix Neyra Quispe, purchases the supplies and delivers them to the remote villages. Several fathers and mothers of each village are running the program throughout the summer. Thanks to your assistance, these children are receiving healthy meals while they are out of school! What make this program successful is the combined efforts of your donations, ROCF's gathering and delivering supplies, and the community commitment to providing the meals...it's truly a team effort!